Wake Up Shake Up

Join SRT’s Singapore Wolf Trap Teaching Artists for a series of fun-filled arts-inspired Wake-Up! Shake Up! workshops. Get ready for an action-packed 30 minutes led by SRT’s awesome teaching artists. 


Wolf Trap

Singapore Repertory Theatre is Wolf Trap’s 20th affiliate organization, and its first outside the United States. Singapore Wolf Trap serves children ages four to six, as well as their educators, parents and caregivers.


Creating Curiosity

Specialists in arts integration and science from Singapore Repertory Theatre and KidsSTOP™ collaborate to bring you an immersive learning experience! Come act, sing, and dance your way through the core curriculum while meeting learning objectives through holistic classroom practice.




Pick-A-Hero is a children’s series that revolves around the issue of bullying and its effects online. Performed and staged for, and by, young people, the series hopes to show how youths can stand up together against bullies.



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