The Young Company

Are you passionate about theatre? Want to develop your skills? Are you ready to step into the spotlight?  

Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT)’s The Young Company is a yearly acting programme for young persons aged between 16 – 25, that will equip you with the holistic skills and techniques you need to shine on stage as well as in your future career of choice. The programme has a rich 20-year history and was the first youth theatre programme to be established in Singapore. We are thrilled to have supported the careers of many wonderful creatives, including Julie Wee, Brenden Fernandez, Amanda Tee, Rebecca Spykerman, Rishi Budhrani, Bright Ong, and Vanessa Vanderstraaten. 

“Although I may not pursue a career in acting, my time with The Young Company has given me experience working in professional environments with people who are deeply committed to their work. This has given me a sense of the skills I will need in future as well as what I will be looking for in my future career.”

— Celine Ng, Class of 2016

“Everything at Julius Caesar (2018) was an eye-opener. It is my first ever professional production. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by professional actors, see how they prepare themselves and do their homework for the roles. I’m amazed by how the actors rework the scene again and again when it gets old and repetitive, how they strive to find new meaning in the scene and recreate their art. It was truly inspiring to see veterans dedicated to their art.”

— Marius Wong, Class of 2019

“Being involved in Julius Caesar (2018) has opened my eyes to how much work goes into what you see onstage. It’s been such an incredible opportunity to learn from everyone, to see how a professional production is run and to work with a director like Guy Unsworth.”

— Kiara Nicole Pillai, Class of 2019

Auditions are currently closed: Next round opens May 2021

TYC Programme Manager

Carrying on this stellar tradition, Semesters 1 and 2 (spanning 16 weeks each - from January to April 2021, and July to October 2021) of the programme will comprise of a weekly series of exciting masterclasses, led by award-winning industry stalwart Daniel Jenkins, with veteran guest facilitators. 

Improve yourself as a theatre-maker with professional mentorship and intensive workshops in: 

  • Physicality in acting 

  • Stanislavsky’s renowned system of techniques for actors 

  • Deconstructive analysis and performance of contemporary monologues  

Expand your network in the industry through: 

  • Honing your skills alongside an incredibly diverse ensemble of fellow actors-in-training  

  • Making lifelong friendships and collaborations with individuals as passionate as you are  

  • Having opportunities to meet and work with international directors 

  • Exclusive access to our main stage productions, and the creative teams behind them