PLAY Stage 《剧场玩翻天》

Introduce your child(ren) to the world of theatre with PLAY Stage!  


PLAY Stage is a 5-day holiday camp, for 4–6-year-olds who are interested in storytelling and performance.  


Through interactive drama games and activities, our PLAY Stage young actors will develop their creativity, speech, and learn performance skills such as roleplay, self-expression, and music & movement! 


On the final day of the camp, join us at the theatre to witness your young actor(s) shine on stage!  


Together with an experienced SRT Teaching Artist, your young actor(s) will:  

  • Craft and perform a short presentation based on the chosen fable  

  • Learn about the values in the selected story 

  • Explore performance skills such as storytelling, expression, and movement 

  • Develop their verbal communication 

  • Grow in confidence and stretch their imagination 


  • 根据所选的寓言故事,设计并呈现简短的小品  

  • 透过寓言故事学习美德 

  • 自信成长,发挥想象力发挥创造力  

  • 学习各种表演技巧,包括讲故事、脸部表情、肢体语言  

  • 训练语言和沟通技能  


Book Now / 立即报名 

Date | 日期

Monday to Friday | 星期一至星期五 

Week One: 21 Nov to 25 Nov 2022 

Week Two: 28 Nov to 2 Dec 2022  

Week Three: 5 Dec to 9 Dec 2022 





Time | 时间


PLAY Stage: 10AM to 12PM  

*ALL Mandarin STAGE Camp actors to report at 9:30am on FRIDAY. Presentation to be from 11:15am to 12:00pm. 



*所有参与中文戏剧营的演员须于星期五上午9:30报到。 演出时间为上午11:15至中午12:00 



PLAY Stage: 1.30PM to 3.30PM 

*ALL English STAGE CAMP actors to report at 1.30pm on FRIDAY. 

Presentation to be from 3:15pm to 4.00pm. 



*所有参与英文戏剧营的演员须于星期五下午1:30报到。 演出时间为下午3:15至4:00 


Where | 地点

MONDAY to THURSDAY |星期一至星期四 

Stamford Arts Centre  | 史丹福艺术中心

155 Waterloo Street 

Singapore 187962  


FRIDAY | 星期五

KC Arts Centre-Home of SRT  | KC艺术中心

20 Merbau Road  

Singapore 239035  


Recommended For | 适合对象

4 to 6 years old | 4至6岁孩童


Language | 语言

English or Mandarin | 初学至流利


Language Difficulty | 语言水平

Beginner to Fluent | 初学至流利


Class Size | 班级人数

15 Young Actors | 15名年轻演员


Cost |  费用

$330 (Inclusive of GST, exclusive of $4 BookMyShow fee)

$330(含消费税, 不含$4的BookMyShow手续费)

Teaching Artists | 教学团队

Will be updated shortly.

COVID-19 Precautionary Measures | COVID-19预防措施

SRT prioritises the health and safety of all our staff and camp-goers.  All teaching artists and personnel are fully vaccinated. 


We will be adhering to the safety guidelines implemented by the Singapore Government. 


SRT’s STAGE Camp follows a strict no refund policy. If you have any concerns, please contact us before making your transaction.

有关新加坡专业剧场的戏剧假日营,本公司不允许任何退款。如果您有任何疑问,请在付款前发送电邮至 [email protected] 。谢谢。