Pick-A-Hero is proudly funded by the Rotary Club of Singapore.

Pick-A-Hero is a cyber wellness campaign by Singapore Repertory Theatre in an effort to combat cyberbullying in Singapore. A 7-part video series was written and directed by Daniel Jenkins to shed light on the various aspects of cyberbullying such as Image Alteration, Public Shaming, Bystander Effect, Peer and Parental Support etc.

Episode 1: Being Bobo (Image Alteration)
Episode 2: Meet Our Class (Stereotypes/Public Shaming)
Episode 3: The Lockers (Bystander Effect)
Episode 4: At Home (Online Harassment)
Episode 5: Everything Alright? (Parental Support/Slamming)
Episode 6: Standing Up (Voicing Out)
Episode 7: Speaking Out (School Support)

An accompanied Resource Kit (click here) was also curated to provide intentional action points to support the classroom experience.

Bibi and Bobo are best friends who do everything together, both online and offline. All is fine till the school bullies began making fun of Bobo. The abuse eventually snowballs into the online world – Bobo’s sacred haven. Feeling cornered, Bobo finds it difficult to express himself. As the bullying continues, Bibi turns into a helpless bystander, leaving her best friend in the lurch. Will their friendship survive the test? What could one do when the bullies strike?

Pick-A-Hero is a children’s series that revolves around the issue of bullying and its effects online, as told through the eyes of Bibi and Bobo. Performed and staged for, and by, young people, the series hopes to show how youths can stand up together against bullies; especially in moments that aren’t visible to an adult’s eye.

 To book this programme, kindly contact the Learning & Engagement department at [email protected] or call 6221 5585.

This programme is currently available year-round for booking.

To book this programme, kindly contact the Learning & Engagement department at [email protected] or call 6221 5585.


Pick-A-Hero is a workshop series, that can either be conducted at an art’s venue or your school’s premises.

Pick-A-Hero is a project by Singapore Repertory Theatre’s Learning & Engagement Department and performed by SRT’s The Young Company.

Cast & Crew

  • In a 2012 global study done by Microsoft, it was noted that Singapore has the 2nd highest rate of cyberbullying after China. With almost 3 in 4 youths having experienced cyberbullying.
  • The Pick-A-Hero series is developed by experienced Applied Theatre practitioners in consultation with counselling specialists to raise awareness on cyberbullying and provide intervention solutions.
  • Participants will be able to learn and apply tangible solutions to combat cyberbullying. They will also gain awareness on the various cyber wellness support groups available.
Level 1 – Being Bobo (Image Alteration)
Level 2 – Meet our Class (Stereotypes)
Level 3 – The Lockers (Bystander Effect)
Level 4 – At Home (Online Harassment)
Level 5 – Everything Alright? (Parental Support & Slamming)
Level 6 – Standing Up (Voicing Out)
Level 7 – Speaking Out (School Support)