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Permission to Play 2022


As part of the launch of Singapore Wolf Trap in 2019, Permission to Play brought together over 100 pre-school educators, artists, creatives, and specialists to ‘play’ together. The purpose of the event was to offer those who work within the early childhood environment, tools, ideas, and skills to engage children creatively. The event was a huge success.  

With the support of the U.S Embassy Singapore, we are happy to bring back Permission to Play 2022, with more opportunities to play! Singapore Wolf Trap and SRT Learning & Engagement have programmed four hours of hands-on workshops and creative keynotes to inspire and get conversations started. Especially flown in for this event, U.S. Master Teaching Artists from Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts will provide professional development workshops and keynotes, sharing their vast experience of arts integration in the classroom.  Alongside the U.S team, we’ll be showcasing our very own Singapore Wolf Trap Artists and professionals from the wider Singapore creative industry and education sphere.  

This is your permission to play! 

Why Join Us?

We have two core aims for the Permission to Play event.  

  1. To inspire participants to integrate the arts and creative approaches into their day-to-day curriculum planning & classrooms.  

Did you know that children record higher academic attainment when they learn through the arts? Did you know that attendance and engagement in school increases when the arts are consistently present in school life? Did you know that the arts offer a valuable inclusive mindset so that all children have the chance to learn and express themselves?  If you work with children and are keen to explore how you can achieve these goals in your classroom through creative engagement strategies that will enhance and excite learning, this is an event not to be missed.. 

  1. To create a safe space to play and share ideas.  

Play cannot happen passively; it must be an intentional and active pursuit to push the tables to the side and take a leap outside of the traditional structures of education. At Permission to Play, you will meet like-minded colleagues and feel safe to step out of your comfort zone to learn new strategies and develop existing skill sets further.  Remember, meeting curriculum objectives and developing future-ready learners can be achieved through the arts, creative approaches, and lots of play!  

Registration here: 

The event is free but SRT Learning & Engagement reserves the right to request a ‘no show’ charge* 
*$50.00 no-show charges. This will be implemented for guests who register but do not attend and provide no appropriate reason.  
**All workshops will be pre-allocated based on a first-come-first-serve basis during registration. 

Workshop 1 – COUNT ME IN! Teacher-In-Role Strategies for STEM Exploration 

By Christina Farrell, Wolf Trap Master Teaching Artist 

Discover how to take a more active role in the dramatic play scenarios in your early childhood classroom! During this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn how to tap young children’s love of imaginative play to spark meaningful explorations of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) topics by using teacher-in-role techniques. Educators will identify simple strategies for assuming dramatic play roles, adapting informational texts into dramatic scenarios and asking rich, open-ended questions that will empower children to actively apply critical thinking skills and evaluate their learning.  

Goal: To provide participants with techniques and strategies for facilitating interactive dramatic play experiences to reinforce emergent STEM skills and foster development in key learning domains in early childhood. 

Workshop 2 – COMMUNITY OF MOVERS: Encouraging and Managing Thoughtful Movement in the Classroom  

Valerie Branch, Wolf Trap Master Teaching Artist 

In this workshop, participants will explore the elements of dance and specific movement strategies that will empower educators to use and facilitate movement-led teaching and learning. Participants will learn how dance fosters classroom community development and engagement by setting classroom expectations and creating a fun learning environment while connecting to the core curriculum. This workshop will inspire child-led learning and participation to enable educators to nurture their children’s self-discovery by encouraging them to express ideas, thoughts, and feelings through movement. 

Goal: To empower participants to use dance strategies that foster classroom community development and engagement, as well as to encourage child-led learning and participation.;

Workshop 3 – Drama & Play  –  An Experiential Workshop with Ambre Lee 

Ambre Lee – Accredited Drama Therapist

Play allows for the very fundamental aspect of feeling and having a sense of self, of being with our bodies and with others. Drama and Play is an embodied practice and embodied processes. As an extension to Ambre’s keynote, this experiential workshop aims to allow participants to have an experience of something that is not just mentalized but physicalized. The workshop aims to give a playful experience for the participants themselves, including practical tools and ideas which can be adapted to be used in day-to-day classroom activities. 

Workshop 4 –  Let’s Build! by Pre-School Market 

Pre-school Market –  a one-stop preschool consultancy company

If you’ve watched children play, you would like noticed that they often take random items and use them in creative and imaginative ways. Architect Simon Nicholson developed the theory of loose parts in the 1970s and coined the term “loose parts” to describe all those open-ended materials which he believed facilitate and empower creativity and exploration, so much more so than fixed learning environments with toys and resources that have limited uses. 

In this session, it’s open-ended, through loose parts play, it spurs the development of various skills such as creative thinking, communications, exploration, critical thinking, self-confidence and independence, just to name a few. Join us to spark your child’s curiosity by letting them take the lead and explore with loose parts; then watch them reimagines items into time machines, musical instruments, interesting inventions, or whatever else their creativity comes up with


Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Registration for Workshop 

Date: Wednesday, 21 September
Duration: 4 Hours
Time: 2pm to 6pm
Registration, Light Refreshments and Networking: 1pm

Registration here: 

Aliwal Arts Centre, Multi-purpose Hall 28 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199918
Drop Off and Parking

  • Via Car:
    Short-term parking is allowed on the days of the workshop: $1.20 for the 1st half hour or part thereof, & $0.04 for each subsequent minute) 
  • Via MRT:
    The nearest MRT Station is Bugis, on the East West and Downtown Line 
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Permission to Play 2022