Viewpoints Masterclass with Rayann Condy

Join us in our upcoming Viewpoints Masterclass with director and producer Rayaan Condy on either the 27th Feb or the 1st of March 2023. 

This Viewpoints Masterclass is for actors, dancers, theatre-makers or anyone who would just like a space to play with the vocabulary of Viewpoints once more. The language of Viewpoints allows individuals to exercise their observation and sensitivity of the present moment. This 3-hour workshop is for artists to develop fluidity, articulation and strength in the movement for an individual and their role in an ensemble.

“As an acting student, when I was introduced to Viewpoints — it was a revelation! As an actor who was always in my head, it gave me a means to get into my body. As an actor who didn’t think I was good at movement, it gave me a way to contribute. It was freedom, surrender, frustration, and joy. Years later, when I started teaching it myself, I also discovered how directly it applies to ‘straight acting’ in simple and surprising ways.” — Rayann Condy

What is Viewpoints:  

  •  Viewpoints is a philosophy translated into a technique for  

  •  Training performers;  

  •  Building ensemble; and  

  • Creating movement for the stage

  • Viewpoints is a set of names given to certain principles of movement through time and space; these names constitute a language for talking about what happens onstage

  • Viewpoints is points of awareness that a performer or creator makes use of while working

(The Viewpoints Book, Bogart and Landau, 2005) 

It’s also fun, sweaty, and liberating.  

What Will Be Covered: 

In this session, we will introduce and explore the basic Viewpoints tools, though physical exploration. 

Who is this Session for: 

Actors, dancers, theatre makers.   

It is an intro for those completely new to Viewpoints or those with some skill who would just like a space to play with the vocabulary again. 

What to Prepare: 

  • Dress for physical movement: Gym or sportswear 

  • Be ready to get sweaty: A towel and water

  • We will work barefoot. If you’d like some extra protection, socks with some grip on the soles are ok.

Registration Fee

  • Registration fee (inclusive of GST): SGD50.00 per person


Masterclass 1:

Date: Monday, 27 Feb 2023
Time: 7 pm to 10 pm
Venue:  #05-01 Cecil Building, 137 Cecil Street, Singapore 069537

Masterclass 2:

Date: Wednesday, 1 Mar 2023
Time: 7 pm to 10 pm
Venue: #05-01 Cecil Building, 137 Cecil Street, Singapore 069537

Rayann Condy